Sensitive to gluten, dairy, eggs, or sugar? Many of our treats can be adjusted to compensate for these allergens!



2 week Preferred notice for non-wedding cakes -2 month preferred notice for wedding cakes

6" £25+ / 8" £35+ / 10" £60+

We recommend requesting your cake as soon as you can to be sure that your desired date is available. Whether a simple celebration cake, 3D sculpture cake, or multi-tiered wedding cake, having time to iron out the details and make it perfect for your occasion is essential. 

Cake sizes can range from wee 6" cakes suitable for 6-8 people up to multi-tiered cakes that will serve hundreds. 

Cake flavors and designs are infinite! Dee will tailor your cake to you and yours. Visit the Gallery for some ideas.

Send Dee a wee message to get the planning started. Because prices on cakes can vary so greatly, individual quotes are provided. 

Valentine's Cupcake


1 Dozen minimum order - 2 Days minimum Notice Required

Regular Cupcakes £18/dozen

Cupcakes can be simple and sweet or little works of art. Prices for cupcakes simply decorated with buttercream start at £18 per dozen. 2 days notice is required for these simple cupcakes. 

More intricate cupcakes vary in price, depending on design. 

To talk to Dee about your cupcake needs, fill out the contact form


1 Dozen minimum order - 5 day minimum notice required

Many people are looking to wonderfully decorated biscuits as alternatives at parties and weddings. They are easy to fit to a theme and personalize and taste as good as they look! 

Visit the Gallery for some design ideas and contact Dee to start planning your order.




1 dozen minimum order

Macaron start at £15 per dozen for the traditionally round treats.

Of course, Macaron can come in all shapes, flavors, and sizes. Visit the Gallery for some ideas and contact Dee to start planning your bespoke macaron.




Leave no bake behind!

Sometimes, nothing will satisfy your sweet tooth like an eclair, a tart, or an exotic treat you just saw featured in a travel T.V. series. Contact Dee with your ideas or cravings.