Cake costs are determined by complexity of the design and the number of servings. We use 1”x 2”x 4” portions when determining our cakes’ servings. Our standard cake height is 5”-6”, so you get a little extra cake. Never a bad thing!  Extended cake height is 8” and doubles portions per tier. Standard sheet cakes are 4” tall.

Prices per Serving.JPG


Examples of what constitutes a Simple vs. Medium vs. Intricate cake can be found below. They are guides and not all encompassing.

Simple vs. Medium vs. Intricate.JPG

Cake Portion Guide

Portions based on 4" high cakes. Our standard cakes are 5"-6" tall, so you can stretch a few more servings out of them. Yay! Extended height cakes are 8"-9" inches tall so double the number of servings for these cakes. We calculate servings based on 1" x 2" slices.

Cake Portion Guide.jpg

Cutting Guide

We highly recommend cutting in the pattern shown below, rather than wedges, for easier cutting and serving.