How do I Order? 

Each of our cake pages has a form you can submit. We will contact you to clarify any details and then provide a quote for your review. Once an invoice for payment has been issued and paid, your order has been placed.

If you have other questions or need help, email

I am allergic to _______. Can QBF accommodate me?

Many of our treats can made without common allergens such as gluten, eggs, or dairy. Sometimes, the sugar-content or glycemic-index can be lowered, too. It is important to stress that while careful care is taken to prevent any cross-contamination, all bakes are prepared in a kitchen where these allergens are present. Additionally, we will only offer you bakes that are enticingly delicious. If omitting any of the above ingredients would create a sub par confection, we will let you know. 

I can get a cake in the shop for a fiver. Why are yours so expensive?

From sketching a design to testing recipes to the actual baking and construction, each Quirky but Fierce creation contains a lot of care and attention to detail. We don't have big production lines or automated processes. Everything is made by hand and many of our items have unique, artistic flair. We also strive to use locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients and invest in local farmers and producers.  All this together means that we can't compete with an inexpensive cake that will last on the shelf for weeks (we don't care to know how) but then again, we don't want to. Just as there's a time for a cheap takeaway and a time for steak, so there is a time for a quick sweet fix and a time for high-caliber sugar art.

What is That thing on your logo?

Snowball no background 200pix.jpg

This little creature is affectionately known as "Snowball." He came to life during a difficult time in Dee's life during which, she was lovingly gifted a confection by the same name by a coworker. Not much caring for processed, packaged cakes or coconut at the time, Dee kindly thanked her coworker and hid the treat her her desk drawer. Many months later, she rediscovered it, perfectly preserved. Turning something rather gross into something that brought laughter, she drew a face on it and gave it a thumbtack hat. For Dee, this little creature represents making the most out of life, even when times get tough, and reminds her that she wants to bring joy to people through fresh, wholesome, delicious baked goods (that won't preserve themselves in a desk drawer by any means)!