The Day Everything Went Wrong

Funny thing is, I didn't cry once. The Korean Rage (another endearing trait of mine I pray you don't get to know) didn't emerge. This is miracle-worthy considering that same day I broke my hipster-hand-crank coffee grinder and was thus, decaffeinated. I was disappointed, but mostly, I was determined.

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Caketastrophes: Humped & Domed Cakes

As a recovering perfectionist and closet-lazy person, the idea of a flat cake captivated me. No cake wastage. Fewer crumbs antagonizing my existence. Seriously, the thing I hate MOST about being a baker/cake decorator is the crumbs and ALWAYS being sticky. I feel like a 5 year-old kid with inexplicable jam-hands – even when there’s been no jam about!  And then the crumbs sticking to the jam hands and even though I’ve washed them 12 times, there’s still a wee sticky spot between my pinky and ring finger and Oh. Em. Gee.

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Caketastrophes: Fixing a Collapsed Cake

Caketastrophes. They happen to tall of us. In this series, we’ll discuss what to do to fix some of the most common cake fails…after a suitable temper tantrum has been thrown, of course.

You carefully planned and prepared, but the cake imploded, there's buttercream on the ceiling, and you're sure your lungs are clogged from second-hand icing-sugar cloud inhalation.

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Top 5 Rules When Packing to Move

What is it like to move to a new country? Crazy expensive. Crazy stressful. Maybe just plain crazy. Is it an adventure worth taking? Absolutely.

One of the hardest things about moving countries, especially those separated by water, is what to keep and take with you. Overseas shipping is amazingly expensive, so for us, this meant parting ways with almost everything. We were broke, dirty backpackers when we got married, so most of our belongings were accumulations of thrift-store finds, curb-side treasures, and cast-offs from others. Nothing much valuable worth taking. Due to different voltage and current in Northern Ireland, any electronics with moving parts, aka my kitchen appliances, were a no-go, too. 😭 But what about the small stuff? What about the stuff that is totally up to you to take or not take?

Here are my Top 5 Rules for Packing to Move:

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