What is Quirky but Fierce?

Quirky but Fierce is a brand and a mentality. Stay weird and fight for what is important to you! We started out as a home-based bakery in Spring of 2018. Dee, the woman behind the brand, had just immigrated to the U.K. the Christmas before and was in flux. She didn’t have her own car nor a full UK license. She lived in the countryside far from public transport. She wasn’t sure how she wanted to start this new chapter of her life. So, she started a home bakery and it was a wild year! She was slinging donuts out of her living room and creating cakes for the masses. It was all cakes and donuts all the time. She rarely had human contact. She was never not covered in white powdery substances. She tried to bribe the postman with a donut for a friendly chat…but he was on a diet.

Dee got that gurgly feeling. The one in her gut that was a sure sign not all was quite right. Dee was never happy doing just one thing. She used to fret about it until she realized it was just how she was wired. She had MANY interests and sometimes some talent to accompany them. She had to decide if she was going to live a single-note life and give all time, effort, and dreaming over to building a baking empire or, scale back on the bakery and continue to explore what life had to offer and what she had to offer life.

After MUCH gnashing of teeth and wrestling with Dee’s worst enemy - her concern with others expectations for her and the fear of failure or disappointment - she and Mr. QBF decided to scale back. And here we are. Where is that you say?

Quirky but Fierce still makes bespoke celebration and wedding cakes if you’re in Ireland or you wanna pay bazillions of dollars to ship Dee to your location. We no longer sell donuts out of the living room. Instead, we’re blogging and vlogging on a whole range of topics from living a greener life to baking tutorials to how to organize your shiznit. We’re writing and illustrating books. We’re living and loving life and sharing information we think will help you to do the same.

Thank you for coming along with us on this journey, wherever it may lead. X Dee


About Dee - She’s a Fart in the wind

She makes celebration and wedding cakes.

She teaches.

She blogs.

She vlogs.

She crafts.

She organizes.

She writes and illustrates.

She loves spreadsheets and label makers.

She has two imaginary corgis: Morp & Schmu.

She would eat ice cream at every meal, if that were an option.

See the blog and the vlog for more of the above insanity.


Contact Us


07379 82334

The best way to get in contact is by email, as Dee is often baking away in the kitchen whilst listening to audiobooks or dancing away to tunes.