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Quirky but Fierce Bakery is run by Dee Magee, a travel enthusiast, self-taught baker, and recovering perfectionist.  Transplanted from Columbus, Ohio to Dromara, Northern Ireland in 2017, she hopes to share oodles of delicious and decadent bakes with the beautiful people of Ireland. Quirky but Fierce Bakery specializes in macaron, bespoke celebration cakes, bespoke wedding cakes, and fancifully-decorated cookies. Also on offer are gluten-free and low-glycemic options.  Bakes available to trade and general public. 

Visit the gallery and follow Dee on her blog as she settles into Irish life and shares some of her favorite recipes for the sweet life.


"Quirky but Fierce is edible bliss. Her creations are delicate and imaginative, the work of a true artist. Flavors are exciting and balanced. And the bake? Flawless! QBF is the best choice for any occasion!"

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"I recently went to a bridal shower for a friend, expecting your basic shower decor & food. Little did I know, part of the decor WAS the food! The treats were woodland-themed and while BEAUTIFUL and intricate, I thought to myself, "How good could these actually taste?" The answer: Ah-mazingly good! In short - beautiful AND delicious!"